Managing Other Commands

Using the Heater | Flood Light | Strobe Light | Radio

  1. Login to your LVT Command Center Account.
  2. launch Go to the article Logging into the LVT Command Center for more information on how to login.

  3. Locate the desired event associated with the unit you’d like to call, and click Expand. The Expanded Event View appears.
  4. Select the Live Stream tab. Three real-time feeds from your cameras populate.
  5. Select Other Commands, located below the center camera preview feed.
  6. The main and deterrent features for your units are configured during implementation and may vary. The following is a list of possible commands and their details:
  • Heater: defrosts the cameras and solar panels to keep clear and functioning properly during cold weather conditions.
  • Flood Light: angled light that is pointed down for brighter viewing at night. Can be used as a deterrent.
  • Strobe Light: bright, flashing light to be used as a deterrent. Can be configured in implementation to be on 24/7 or activated by an alert.
  • Radio: plays music over the unit speaker system.

check_circle Click these commands once to turn on, and a second time to turn off.

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