How To: Accessing Camera Live Streams

Viewing the Live Stream

  1. Login to your LVT Command Center Account.
  2. open_in_new Go to the article Logging into the LVT Command Center for more information on how to login.

  3. Use the Queue and Location drop-down filters at the top of your screen to find the event associated with the desired unit. The corresponding events appear.
  4. Locate the desired event, and click Expand. The Expanded Event View appears.
  5. Select the Live Stream tab. Three real-time feeds from your cameras populate.
  6. Click the Camera drop-down to toggle between camera views.

Using Camera Controls

touch_app Hover over the desired unit feed, and use the Pan | Tilt | Zoom (PTZ) Camera Controls pad to move the camera up and down as desired.

search Click the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.

check_circle Hover over the desired unit feed and click Preset to return the unit to its preset patrols.

photo_camera Select the Camera Icon to take still snapshots of your live stream.

camera Click Auto Focus to focus the camera when moving if the camera has this capability.

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