Did You Know: LVT Command Center Key - Expanded Event View

The Expanded View of the LVT Command Center allows you to view the details of a certain event and access additional functionalities. This view is enabled by clicking the Expand button within any event housed in the queue. The following key and functionalities description lists are to assist you in navigating the LVT Command Center when it is in the Expanded Event View.


Expanded View Functionalities:
  1. Event Filters
  2. Event Data Bar
  3. Event Preview Clips
  4. Event Types & Unit Health
  5. Event Video Clips
  6. Collapse View
  7. Camera View Tabs
  8. Camera Type Drop-Down
  9. Urgency Rating
  10. Tags | Notes | Disarm Tabs
  11. Map
  12. Contacts
  13. Procedures
  14. Schedule
  15. Direct Dial
  16. Request Video
  17. Resolve
  18. D3 Command Center Menu
  19. Share | Call Recording Indicator
  • The following are additional functionalities that are accessible through the Live Stream Camera View tab:
    • Pan | Tilt | Zoom (PTZ) Camera Controls
    • Call Location
    • Other Commands Drop-Down (Heater, Flood Light, Strobe Light)
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