How To: SSD Replacement - V4 Live Units


This document describes the process of replacing an SSD (Solid State Drive) in the V4 Live Unit.  If you are replacing the SSD for a V3 Live Unit, please see the step-by-step here.

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver

Parts Needed

  • SSD Replacement Kit

Safety Rules

Before operating or working with an LVT Live Unit, consult LiveView’s safety guidelines. Failure to completely understand proper safety procedures when dealing with a LiveUnit may result in improper use which increases the likelihood of accidents.  To review LVT’s safety guidelines online or to print, please go here:

LVT Safety Guidelines

Note: V4 Head Units can take T5 or T7 SSDs (see chart below).

SSD Swap

The following is shown with a T7 SSD.

  1. Power down Live Unit by unplugging it (yellow plug pictured below).
  2. If the backup battery is engaged, unplug the black cord right in the front (see below).

3. Unscrew cradle holding SSD in place (note: screwdriver size). 4. Unplug old SSD and set aside.

5. If needed, affix new bumpers to the inside of the cradle.

a. If the new SSD drive is a T7, you can use the bigger bumpers (the T7 is thinner, so it needs a bigger bumper)

b. If the new SSD is a T5 or M-Force, you can use the smaller bumpers

c. There may be bumpers in the kit that work for all three drive types.

6. Plug in new SSD; make sure plug is secure. Ensure the new SSD has the same storage size as the one being replaced.

7. Place SSD in cradle up against the bumpers (replace if necessary) and tighten the holding screw with a screwdriver.