Configuring Firewall Whitelisting

The following should be included in your network firewall policy if you have in place any rule restricting outbound traffic to specific IP addresses or websites.






IP Addresses


Port Protocol Service
80 TCP HTTP (redirect to HTTPS)
554 TCP iOS Video Player
1934-1935 TCP Web and Android Video Players
5060-5061 TCP, UDP Speaker Talk-Down
5160 TCP, UDP Speaker Talk-Down
8089 TCP, UDP Speaker Talk-Down
6970-10000 UDP Web Video Player (Mozilla Firefox only)

Email Addresses

To ensure that you can receive email notifications, add the following to your email provider’s safe sender list.

Linux Users

When using Firefox on Linux, this setting needs to be enabled for streaming to work.

  1. In the URL bar, navigate to about:config
  2. In the search bar, search for media.webrtc.hw.h264.enabled and toggle the setting to true