How to: Re-Route the EFOY Exhaust Hose to Minimize Clogging


One of our major EFOY malfunctions comes from the EFOY exhaust hose getting kinked or clogged with water. This procedure shows how to re-route the hose to minimize the possibility of kinks or clogs.

Tools Needed

  • 1x Scissors
  • 1x Measuring Tape

Parts Needed

  • EFOY Unit

Safety Rules

Before operating or working with an LVT Live Unit, consult LiveView’s safety guidelines. Failure to completely understand proper safety procedures when dealing with a LiveUnit may result in improper use which increases the likelihood of accidents.  To review LVT’s safety guidelines online or to print, please go here:

LVT Safety Guidelines


  1. Open the trailer on the passenger and remove the left insulation panel to access the EFOY.
  2. Locate the exhaust hose on the EFOY.
  3. Pull the exhaust hose off. It might leak a little bit of water, so ensure it doesn’t drip onto the ethernet connections.
  4. Fish the exhaust hose out from under the plate with the fan.
    1. It can help to push the left side of the hose while pulling on the right side of the hose
  5. Pull the other end of the hose out of the grommet in the base of the trailer
  6. Use the tape measure along the hose from the pointed end out to 21” and hold the hose there
  7. Cut the hose as flat as you can.
    1. NOTE: Make sure to cut off the flat end, not the pointed end.
  8. Push the pointed end into the grommet in the base of the trailer, making sure the insulation goes into the grommet.
  9. Insert the flat end onto the EFOY exhaust port. It can help to squeeze the end to get the plastic wrapped around the port.
  10. IMPORTANT! Ensure that the hose goes “downhill” for its entire length. The hose will block if it goes flat or “uphill” for any length. You may have to push the pointed end further into the grommet to achieve this.
  11. Check the bottom of the trailer. The pointed end of the tube should not extend past the bottom by more than ¼”.
    1. If the hose extends longer than ¼” past the bottom of the trailer, use the scissors to cut the extra length off at a 45-degree angle so that it does not extend past ¼” past the bottom.