VMS User Guide

Table of Contents

Log in to the VMS | Map Filters | Search Menu Features | Access History Page | Access Archive Recording | Access Previously Saved Archives | Access other Cameras on the Same Live Unit | Access other Live Unit Cameras | Access System Health Status
Camera Operation: Click to Center | Quick Download | Quick Sounds | Speaker Talk Down | Suspending Patrol | PTZ Feature | Snapshot Feature | Managing Presets and Concepts | Camera Light Controls

Log in to the VMS

  1. Login to VMS by clicking on the following link: https://vms.liveviewtech.com/
    1. Use LVT login credentials to log into the VMS.

Map Filters

Streamline results in Map view by using the Filters feature.

  1. On the map page, go to the bottom left corner. There will be a Filters menu.
  2. Click the arrow to view all filters, and select or deselect options as needed. The map will automatically adjust.

Search Menu Features

One of the new features in the new VMS version is the ability to search Live Units by the following criteria: 

  • Client name (example: BobMart, Acme Inc., etc) 
  • Unit name
  • Live Unit address (Location Name, Street Address, City, and State) 
  • Serial number

Note: It is still possible to scroll through every Live Unit, but it is not as efficient.

Access History Page

Currently, there are three ways to access the History Page.

  1. Click the History icon next to the search result.

  2. Click the History button on the Live Unit page.

  3. Click the History tab on the Camera streaming page.

Access Archive Recording

  1. To request archived videos, click on the Select Video button on the top right of the streaming page.
  2. Select camera view from the left side menu for the footage angle by expanding or collapsing camera choice.
  3. The user can request between 1 min to 30 mins of archived recording per request. The following are two different ways this can be done.
    1. Use the time/date boxes at the top of the screen. 
    2. Drag and adjust the time frame manually for the period of recording.
  4. Click the Request Video button after the desired length and video time frame have been selected.

Access Previously Saved Archives

  1. The History page will list all the cameras on the unit. Select the drop-down arrow next to the camera of choice.
  2. A list of all previously saved videos will appear. Click the link to access and view.

Access other Cameras on the Same Live Unit

Access other cameras on the same Live Unit.

  1. Click any of your Live Unit cameras.
  2. On the right-hand side, all cameras On this Live Unit will be listed by position and have a thumbnail displaying a recent screenshot. Select any one of these to view and access camera controls.

Access other Live Unit Cameras

Access other Live Unit cameras on the same account from one page.

  1. Click to any of your Live Unit cameras.
  2. On the right-hand side, all Related Live Units will be listed by TDC and have a thumbnail displaying a recent screenshot. Select any one of these to view and access camera controls for that Live Unit.

Camera Operation

Click to Center

Click anywhere on the camera stream, and the camera will move and center on the location you clicked. 

Quick Download

  1. Click the Quick Download icon to request the last five minutes of the recording. 
  2. Select the center, left, right, or all Live Unit cameras. Then click Request Video button. 

Quick Sounds

  1. To access quick sounds, click on the Sound button.
  2. Click on the Play Sound button.
  3. Click the desired sound from the quick sound menu.

Speaker Talk Down

Use the Live Unit’s speakers to communicate with someone at the Live Unit location.

  1. To access speaker Talk Down, click on the Sound button.
  2. Click on the Speaker button.
  3. Click on the Call Unit button to speak through the Live Unit with your device.

Suspending Patrol

This temporarily stops the automatic patrolling features of the Live Unit’s cameras.

  1. Click the Suspend Patrol icon.
  2. Enter the number of minutes to suspend the patrol, and click the Confirm button. 

PTZ Feature

Located in the lower-left corner of the camera stream, these buttons allow for manual control of the cameras.

Snapshot Feature

This feature captures a screenshot of the footage.

  1. Click on the Snapshot icon.
  2. Click the Download button in the upper right corner to save the snapshot. 

Managing Presets and Concepts

Inside the advanced settings menu, the user can create, edit, or archive each preset from Live Units. 

  1. Click on the Presets icon.
  2. Click on the Advanced Settings button to access the advanced preset menu. 
  • Click on the New Preset button to create a new preset. 
  • Click on the Archive button to archive an existing preset.
  • Click on the Edit button to edit an existing preset. 
  • Click on the Restore button to unarchive the preset.

Camera Light Controls

Turn on or off camera lights.

  1. Click the lightbulb icon on the camera's image.
  2. Toggle Camera Light option to turn on or off.

Access System Health Status

  1. Click the Live Unit Admin icon.
  2. At the far right of the row, click the down expand arrow to access camera history.Note: Additional features are currently being developed. We will continue to update the documentation in the coming weeks.