Did You Know: Dewarped Video Retrieval Feature Update

OVERVIEW: This applies to clients with a panoramic (fisheye) camera as their center camera. The 360° view of a panoramic camera is difficult to use. Now, when clients with a panoramic camera request recorded footage, they will receive an email with a link to view the original footage as well as a second link to view the dewarped footage.

What does dewarping mean?

A panoramic (fisheye) camera records a 360° view, but many objects in the camera’s view are difficult to see unless the footage is flattened, or “dewarped.” 


  1. The live view of a panoramic (fisheye) camera is a 360° view (see image above). With this perspective, it is difficult to view objects at the edge of the frame. It is also impossible to zoom in on panoramic footage that has not been dewarped.  
  2. To retrieve dewarped footage, request recorded video through the LVT VMS as you normally would. If the footage is a 360° panoramic video, a second link to dewarped footage will be generated in the email automatically. With this new dewarped footage, you can zoom in and out, look left and right, and tilt up and down. The image is still panoramic. Note: This only applies to recorded video. 
  3. The example below shows what a video request response email will look like. The link to dewarped footage can be found next to “Dewarp Status,” then “View Dewarped Video.”

Video after dewarping

Only a registered user of LiveView's VMS portal can access the dewarped footage screen after clicking on the emailed dewarped footage link.