How to: Replace EFOY into Live Unit

Follow this procedure after defrosting the EFOY or replacing an old EFOY with a new one.

  1. Grab the hoses with one hand.
  2. Use the two handles to lower the EFOY into place. 
  3. Make sure the vent on the EFOY is facing left so it can fit into the hole in the foam.
  4. Lower it at an angle so you’re not catching the BIC.
  5. Slowly lower the EFOY using the handles. Note: At some point you won’t be able to hold the handles because the foam will be in the way. Just gently lower it down.
  6. Push back EFOY as far as it can go.
  7. Lower the hoses through to the other side, feeding the hoses through the slot.
  8. Grab bracket. Tabs should be facing toward the EFOY.
  9. Lower the bracket into place slowly so it doesn’t get caught on the BIC.
  10. Once it’s in place on the threads, push it forward.
  11. Push the bracket on the L tab from left to right until it locks. This locks the EFOY into place.
  12. Put the washers, screws, and grommets back on. Grommets should be rubber-side down. You can tighten them with your hands.
  13. Put the hose back on. Pinch the hose to slightly increase the width of the mouth, which makes it easier to put it back in place.
  14. Plug the long DC cable and ethernet cables back in according to image below:

15. Go around to other side of trailer and screw the hose caps back on. Make sure the numbers on the hose caps correspond to the correct fuel cell number.

16. Make sure when tightening the screws, tighten the top and base connectors on the cap. Tighten everything just until you feel it start to tighten, but no more. 

17. The hose should be facing down.