How to: Verify We Can Pull Fuel from Both EFOY Cartridges

Overview: This process verifies that cartridges are good; we need to do this every time we need to replace cartridges or if we suspect a pump failure.

Instructions from SFC:
1. Manually start the EFOY to confirm the cartridge is connected properly:
2. The EFOY will display a message of ‘Start Phase’ on the display
3. Allow the EFOY to run for 30 minutes and ensure status message has changed to ‘Charging’
4. At this time, the EFOY is operating properly and pulling fuel from the cartridge
5. Check all other cartridges by changing the active cartridge:
The active cartridge can be seen on the display. The EFOY needs to run for at least 30 minutes
from each cartridge to confirm proper operation.
6. If the EFOY is not able to pull fuel from the cartridge it will set the fuel level to 0% on the effected
cartridge. Repeat the Replacement and Testing procedure or contact SFC Technical Support:



+49 89 / 673 592-0

Note: The EFOY will run only if the battery voltage is below 26.4 V (Lead Acid batteries). If the
battery levels are above this level, you may be required to disconnect the secondary charging source (ie.
solar) in order to allow the battery bank to drain prior to starting the test procedure. Ensure that you re-
connect the secondary charging source once testing is completed.  

Video Step-by-Step: