How to: Swap/Replace an EFOY Fuel Cartridge

Overview: The M28 fuel cartridges are single-use only, and are not refillable. This article goes over how techs should swap out empty tanks with full ones. 

Important: We recommend field techs be wearing gloves and eye protection when handling the EFOY tanks. Methanol is dangerous if touched or inhaled.

Other sources:

EFOY User Manual


  1. Make sure tank is empty by comparing the amount of fuel in the cartridge that’s empty to one that is full (tanks are semi-transparent). 
    1. If the tank is totally empty, replace it with a full tank and throw the empty tank away or recycle it. NOTE: DO NOT THROW AWAY EMPTY FUEL CARTRIDGES WITH THE FUEL ADAPTERS STILL ATTACHED. REMOVE THE FUEL ADAPTER BEFORE THROWING AWAY EMPTY CARTRIDGE.
    2. If the tank is almost empty (fuel percentage on EFOY controller is below 10%), replace it with a full tank. Poke a small hole in the almost-empty tank so the rest of the fuel can evaporate. Then dispose of it in a dumpster or recycling bin (preferably recycling bin). 
    3. If you have a fuel tank left over, put that tank in the camera storage box (see part 2).
  2. Push down the release mechanism to undo the straps holding the tanks down.

  3. 3. Unscrew the large cap to disconnect the tank from the fuel hose.

    4. Install the new, full M28 tank(s) where the old tank was by carefully lifting it with both hands and gently lowering it between the two metal brackets. Make sure the opening is in the correct position (closest to you).

    5. Reconnect the cap to the new fuel tank with the hose aiming downward to prevent kinks in the fuel hose (circled below). Ensure both the adaptor and fuel connector are not cross-threaded. Do not over-tighten the cap.

    5. Re-fasten the straps or install double straps if they have not been installed already.

    6. Skip to Part 3 if you do not have a spare full cartridge. If you do have a spare cartridge, continue to part 2

    Part 2 (Optional): Storing Methanol Cartridge in Camera Storage Box

    Overview: LVT will send two full cartridges when one needs refueling. This goes over how and where to store the extra full cartridge.

    Important: We recommend field techs be wearing gloves and eye protection when handling the EFOY tanks. Methanol is dangerous if touched or inhaled.

    1. Open the camera storage box (located at the rear of trailer) and remove the top piece of foam.

    2. Move all loose foam pieces from the open area on the right into the compartments on the left. Note: Do not throw away any pieces of foam!

    3. Place spare methanol fuel cartridge in the open area on the right.

    4. Replace top foam and close and lock the lid.

    This spare fuel cartridge can be retrieved and installed the next time the EFOY unit runs out of fuel. 

    Part 3: Reset and Verify Fuel Reading on EFOY Controller

    Overview: When the fuel tank(s) is/are empty, the red light on the EFOY controller will be flashing and the screen will say "Fuel cartridge empty." Once you replace the tank, you need to reset its fuel level in the controller so it knows the tank has been replaced. You must perform a reset on each cartridge you replace.

    Note: If the EFOY had run out of fuel completely and displays an error 20/22, press the reset button on the front panel to clear the error.

    1. Press “Menu.”

    2. Use the down arrow to select “Fuel Cartridge” and press OK.

    3. Here you will see the two fuel cartridges listed and their fuel levels marked in percentages next to each cartridge. Select the one you just replaced and hit “OK.” You can verify the tank you replaced by looking at the fuel hose connectors, which are labeled “1” and “2.” 

    4. Scroll upward using the UP arrow until you get to “Reset.” Hit “OK.” 

    If you had just replaced the cartridge but hadn’t reset the controller yet, the screen would say “0%” like in the image above.

    5. The screen should now say that the cartridge is full. Note: right after hitting reset, tech needs to take a picture of the controller display for the Qualtrics survey (see example image below).

    Tech needs to take a picture of this screen after hitting “reset”

    6. Hit the back button until you get to the main screen.This should be the final screen

    7. Include picture of controller cartridge %(s) in the Qualtrics survey and use the info from the photo to notify LVT Support of job completion and %(s).

    1. Example phone call to LVT support: “Hello, I only changed out one cartridge and the fuel levels now read 100% and 51%.”