How to: Retrofit Straps and Setup New Brackets on EFOY

Overview: This step is only needed if the M28 tanks are being held down by a single strap. LVT is swapping out all of the single straps to double straps in the LVT Fleet to prevent methanol leaks. LVT Fleet EFOY Trailers older than T214539 will want this change (approx. 54 units as of 11/8/2021). Retrofit kit item to reorder in Acumatica: # 105400

Every time you swap out an empty tank for a full one, swap out single straps for double if this hasn’t been done already.

Important: We recommend field techs be wearing gloves and eye protection when handling the EFOY tanks. Methanol is dangerous if touched or inhaled.

  1. Use the key from the lockbox or combination on the keypad to open the trailer storage box where the EFOY is.
  2. Release the strap(s) by applying pressure to the push release mechanism. This will loosen the straps.
  3. On the empty fuel cartridge, unscrew the larger cap, not the smaller one (see image below).

  1. Remove the fuel cartridges and brackets holding down the EFOY cartridges using a 7/16” wrench. 
  2. Attach 1 Fuel Cell bracket to the pair of holes closest to you on the base tray using the same 2X ¼-20 x ¾” Hex Bolts with a ¼” lock washer and ¼” washer on each bolt (see image). The bent lip should be facing towards the outside of the trailer.

  1. Attach the other bracket to the pair of holes towards the center of the trailer, following the same steps as the first bracket. The bent lip should face away from you (towards the other side of the trailer). 

  1. Center the M28 fuel cells in between brackets.

  1. Using 2X straps (1 per fuel cell), place the long portion of the strap on the lip on the brackets closest to the center of the trailer. There are notches cut out in the lip to locate the hooks on the strap. 

Strap attachment closest to center of trailer

Strap attachment closest to outside of trailer

  1. Pull the straps over the tanks to the side of the nozzles of the tanks and down to the other lip and attach the hook on the cinch side of the strap. The strap on the left fuel cell needs to be on the left of the nozzle. There will be a notch in the lip to locate the hook. Pull the strap tight, cinching the strap over the fuel cells. Be sure there is at least ½” clearance between the left fuel cell and the MidNite charge controller.