User Guide: Command Center Admin Overview

The following is an overview of the functionalities available to Admin-Level Users within the LVT Command Center.

Command Center Admin User Overview:

The Admin processes found within this guide consist of the main actions an Admin User may take within the LVT Command Center. These processes include creating a unique security profile, attaching this profile to a location, and then adding that combination to a tailored queue. An Admin User has many capabilities, but the main goal of Admin Users within the LVT Command Center is to set up a “Network” of desired details an Admin User may want to track and determining what details are viewable by other Users.

The following are common questions to think about before completing the Admin User processes within the LVT Command Center:

“What do I want my queue to look like in regards to camera feeds?”

“What information do I want the events from my queue to display?”

“What information or feeds do I want my general users (Security Profiles) to view?”

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